The Highest Level of Protection against Fire and Burglary available on the Safe market.

Nobody compares to the Massive Solid Portland Concrete Insulated Door and Body of Vulcan Safes,

Offering Fire Protection up to 106 minutes F.I.L Cerified, UL listed.

Vulcan Safe Company has been manufacturing top-of-the-line, commercial grade, high security home safes for over 10 years. We have just now entered the gun safe market, bringing a level of protection against fire and burglary never before seen in the gun safe industry and comparable to those used in banks and financial institutions. If you are serious about security, compare the differences and see why Vulcan Safe Company is the Ultimate in Protection against Fire and Burglary. 



Composite Door:
4 1/3" thick Solid Composite Door Fully insulated by patent pending fire proof Portland Concrete based formula. Composed of 3 layers of steel plating including 3 gauge (1/4"), 11 gauge (1/8"), and 14 gauge.

Single Plated Door:
Steel plate only or Insulated by  1/2” thick sheet(1 layer or 2 layers of gypsum board/sheet rock) for fire resistance and burglary protection. 

Composite Body:
Fully insulated on all sides by fire proof solid concrete composite materilal, Portland Concrete Formula.  1 2/3” thickness overall and 2 layers of 11 gauge(1/8") steel.

Single Plated Body:
Steel plate only or insulated by  1/2” thick sheet  (1 layer or 2 layers of gypsum board/sheet rock) for fire resistance and burglary protection.

Steel plates on door: 
3 layers of steel platiing, outer layer 3 gauge(1/4”) 
middle 11 gauge(1/8”)  and inner 15gauge(1/16”) thick. 
Single Steel Plate
Shattering Glass Re-Locking Device:
Shattering glass primary relocking device triggers locks when drilled entry occurs anywhere near the lock. 
Spring Loaded Re-Locking Device:
Spring loaded auxiliary re-locking device triggers when lock or safe is tampered with. 
Locking Bolt Protection:
1/4” thick V-shape anti-drill Manganese hardened steel plates
to protect every locking bolt against side punch hammer or drill attack.
Fully adjustable, upholstered interior walls, and shelving.
Chrome Plated Locking Bolts:
1 1/4” dia. chrome plated , 12 1/2” length ( 6 times longer than average ) locking bolts.

3/8” – 1 1/2” dia. Chrome plated 1 –1 1/2 ” length locking bolts.

Bolt Down Holes:
Four recessed bolt down holes with plastic plugs to cover access. 
Air Tight Fire Seal:
Expandable intumescent fire seal on all 4 sides of the door and frame completely seals the interior from air and water.
Fire Seal around Door only.
5 Spoke Handle:
Heavy duty 5 spoke chrome handle.
Solid steel block hinges with heavy duty ball bearings.
Rolling Rounded Hinges
Fire Protection:
Fire protection of 1275° F for 105 minutes while maintaining an   Interior temperature less than 350° F (CNS-2998-1001).
Advertised 60 – 90 minutes from unknown testing laboratories
UL-RSC Certified:
UL-RSC Class certifiied Burglary Proof